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Yacht Crew Superstitions : Sailors’ Beliefs and Interesting Facts

Ahoy there, yachting enthusiast! Today, we’re diving into the captivating world of yacht crew and sailors superstitions. Although they may seem a bit silly at first, these age-old beliefs have been passed down through generations. So, let’s set sail and explore some of these intriguing superstitions that you might encounter while working aboard a yacht.

  1. No Bananas on Board: It is widely believed that bringing bananas on a yacht brings bad luck. So, heed this warning and keep those potassium-rich fruits off your vessel.

    Fun fact: The origin of this superstition dates back to the 18th century when many ships carrying bananas encountered mishaps or unfavorable conditions.

  2. Whistling Up a Storm: Whistling is considered taboo on a yacht, as it is believed to summon strong winds. Instead, if you’re feeling musical, sing a shanty to keep the weather on your side.

    Fun fact: Shanties were work songs sung by sailors to coordinate their tasks and lift their spirits during long voyages.

  3. Renaming Your Yacht: Changing a yacht’s name is not a decision to be taken lightly. Superstitious sailors believe that renaming a boat brings bad luck. However, if you absolutely must rename your vessel, hold a renaming ceremony to appease the sea gods.

    Fun fact: During a renaming ceremony, the boat is typically doused with champagne to honor its new moniker.

  4. Avoiding Whistling Women: Women have long been discouraged from whistling on a yacht. According to superstition, their whistling can summon stormy seas and misfortune.

    Fun fact: This belief originates from the days when women were considered bad luck on ships, as they were associated with distracting or seducing sailors.

  5. Never Setting Sail on a Friday: Setting sail on a Friday is considered ill-fated by many yacht crews. The day has a reputation for bringing bad luck, so it’s best to wait until Saturday or any other day of the week.

    Fun fact: This superstition extends beyond the maritime world, with Friday the 13th being considered unlucky in many cultures.

  6. Red Sky at Night, Sailor’s Delight: An old saying among sailors claims that a red sky at night indicates fair weather ahead. So, if you spot a crimson sunset, it’s a good omen for smooth sailing.

    Fun fact: This adage is based on the idea that a red sky in the evening is caused by high-pressure systems, indicating stable weather conditions.

  7. Dolphins Bringing Good Fortune: Encountering dolphins swimming alongside a yacht is believed to bring good luck. These friendly creatures are seen as guardians of sailors and are associated with protection and safe voyages.

    Fun fact: Dolphins are highly intelligent mammals known for their playful behavior and strong social bonds.

  8. Tossing Coins Into the Sea: Throwing a coin overboard as you depart is a superstition believed to ensure a safe and prosperous voyage. It’s a symbolic gesture of giving back to the sea and seeking its benevolence.

    Fun fact: This practice has parallels in other cultures, such as the tossing of coins into fountains for luck.

  9. Placing Money Under the Mast: Placing a coin or currency beneath the mast during the construction of a yacht is thought to bring financial prosperity to the vessel and its crew.

    Fun fact: This superstition reflects the belief that offering money to the sea gods will result in a profitable and prosperous journey.

  10. No Whistling in the Wind: Whistling into the wind is considered bad luck by sailors. The wind is considered a powerful force, and whistling towards it is believed to anger or disturb it.

    Fun fact: Wind plays a crucial role in sailing, and sailors have relied on its direction and strength for centuries to navigate the seas.

  11. Stepping on Board with the Right Foot: Stepping onto a yacht with your right foot first is believed to bring good luck. So, remember to start your nautical adventures on the right foot, quite literally!

    Fun fact: The belief in the auspicious nature of the right side or right foot can be found in various cultures and superstitions worldwide.


Yacht crew superstitions add a touch of mystique and tradition to the world of sailing. While some may dismiss these beliefs as mere folklore, they are ingrained in the seafaring community’s heritage. So, as you embark on your own maritime journey, keep these superstitions in mind and let the winds of good fortune guide your way. Fair winds and following seas!


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