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Launching & Retrieving The Tender / RIB


One of the most used piece of equipment onboard is your tender. This is the little boat used to run errands and deliver people back and fourth to the yacht. These tenders are usually stored on board using a davit or crane system. Sometimes the tenders will be towed but in most cases the captain will want the tender secured to the deck.

As a deckhand you would have to launch and retrieve a tender up to several times per day. The launch and retrieval process can be quite dangerous if not performed right, or if done in heavy seas.

We go through the safety checklist you should follow before launching a tender in the video shown below.

Some safety tips are;

  • Never launch and tender unless you have pumped it full of air.
  • Never launch a tender with-out two tag lines attached to the bow and stern, this allows you to control it as you lower it or raise it.
  • Always put the bung in the tender before launching so it doesn’t start taking on water.
  • Always inspect the crane & davit system for leaks and or frays so you don’t get into trouble.
  • Always inspect all lifting harness attachments and anchor points on the tender.
  • Always stay well away from the tender as you lift, and do not get yourself into a position where you might get trapped or stuck.
  • Always keep the tender low and not over your head if possible.
  • Always test the engine and mechanicals before releasing the lifting hook and casting off the boat.
  • It is suggested to wear gloves when handling tag lines to prevent sudden rope burns.




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