Capt. Ej Jansen joined the yachting industry back in 2010. At that time, the information was fairly limited and the industry was much more difficult to get into.

When he was starting his career in Fort Lauderdale, he got his hands on resources the internet regarding accommodation, schooling, etc. But they were horribly wayward and downright wrong.  Due to the false information, he had to face the music.

He arrived on his first day excited as hell, told that he would be a part of the 5-star crew accommodation, where the real luxuries of life would come.

But soon the bubble burst before him, as the place turned out to be a halfway house for drug dealers and criminals.

When he arrived to his room, which was rented to someone else. They put him on the couch in the hallway.

He cried and cursed his luck, and he remembers when he dozed off on the couch. Just a few hours later, he was awakened at 3 am to someone puking next to his head.

Can you imagine how much he had to go through?

People stole from him, vehicle rental companies steal money from his credit cards and he had to learn many things the hard way.

These circumstances resulted in him becoming broke and being down to his last 10$ in South Florida.

It was at the moment that he told himself he would not give up.

He started reading everything he could about being a respected yacht crew member. He even started working on yachts for free just to build up experience and get a reference.

Once he started learning the secret traits of being accepted as a crew member, things started to smoothen a bit. He started getting along with some of the crew members (some have even contributed to Yacht University).

He wouldn’t have succeeded if he hadn’t figured out what he needed to know to become a yacht crew member.

Now fast forward to today, he is yacht captain, and him and the team at Yacht University know exactly what you need to do to land your first gig on a luxury yacht.

Let’s discuss the actual concept behind putting together this program

The difficulties Ej and other yacht crew members face in my early days, are painful and hard to overcome, resulting in many packing up and leaving their dreams behind.

Just so you don’t get to face the same heart-wrenching, tear-shedding, and mind-numbing experiences, the team at Yacht University put together a comprehensive course on how to land a job in a secretive yacht industry and live the best life from day one.

This option spares you from struggling around and starting from the ground up, as many have had to do.

You can learn from real experiences and mistakes.

  • You will also have the opportunity to learn the secret tidbits we've gathered over the years while working on multiple yachts ranging from 120ft to 240ft in all the major yachting destinations and ports.
  • This enables you to expedite your career and fast-track your success, while minimizing trial and error and guesswork.

With that said, if you're serious about making a change in your life and interested in a career in the super yacht industry. Sign up today and lets get you started on your new path of adventure and luxury! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.


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Marianne Aird

-Superyacht Stewardess -

“Without Yacht University I would have never had the confidence to make the leap of faith into the yachting industry, to change my life and to live my dream. Thank you guys so much for all your help along the way!